South Carolina Department of Natural Resources

In South Carolina, the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources (“SCDNR”) is the state agency providing an enhanced quality of life for present and future generations through improved understanding, wise use, and safe enjoyment of healthy, diverse, sustainable, and accessible natural resources.  The SCDNR is considered a trusted and respected leader in natural resources protection and management, by consistently making wise and balanced decisions for the benefit of the state’s natural resources and its people.  The SCDNR has developed a vision for the future to provide the public with a clear understanding of its plan to preserve South Carolina’s natural wealth.  The SCDNR continuously investigates the game and fish conditions of the state and the laws relating thereto.   It annually publishes a report of its activities to the general assembly and recommends legislation and other action by the general assembly that in its judgment is conducive to the conservation of wildlife[i].

The following are the objectives of the SCDNR:

  • To enhance public and private partnerships and open communications necessary to cooperatively protect and manage the state’s natural resources;
  • To ensure that agency decisions and actions regarding the state’s natural resources are based on a balance of scientific knowledge, strong conservation ethics, objectivity, fairness, and the needs and interests of the public;
  • To ensure the safety and well-being of the public in their use and enjoyment of the state’s natural resources;
  • To ensure the continuation and effective management of hunting, fishing, boating, and other natural resources-related activities;
  • To evaluate and improve agency functions and procedures to ensure efficiency, effectiveness, and accountability, emphasizing quality service to all customers, internal and external; and
  • To foster an organizational culture that emphasizes effective leadership at all levels, a diverse, well-trained, and professional workforce, and an enjoyable and fulfilling work environment.


The SCDNR also oversees the state’s soil and water conservation districts, which are special-purpose districts contiguous with each of South Carolina’s 46 counties.  Each conservation district is managed by six-member boards.  Three members of each board are appointed through the SCDNR, while the other half are directly elected.  The SCDNR also establishes a procurement program and the purpose of the procurement program is:

a)     To provide to the taxpayers of the State of South Carolina and to the employees of the SCDNR the most receptive personnel to maintain a uniformly high level of specialized knowledge and skill in the field of procurement administration;

b)     To provide increased economy in the state procurement activities and to maximize to the fullest extent practicable the purchasing values of funds while ensuring that the procurements are advantageous to the State.

c)     To ensure a fair and equitable treatment of all persons who deal with the Procurement system, which will promote increased public confidence in the procedures and processes in public procurement.

South Carolina Department of Natural Resources

[i] S.C. Code Ann. § 50-3-80.

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