Wyoming Department of Natural Resources

In Wyoming, Wyoming Game and Fish Department (“Department”) is the state agency created to provide an adequate and flexible system for control, propagation, management, protection and regulation of all Wyoming wildlife.  Pursuant to Wyo. Stat. § 23-1-401, the Department is under the direction and supervision of the Game and Fish Commission (“Commission”).  The Department consists of the director who is the chief administrative officer and such divisions as the Commission may create.

The governor appoints a competent person as the director of the Department at a salary determined by the Commission.  The director is the chief administrative head of the Department with general supervision and control of all activities, functions, and employees of the Department, under the direction and supervision of the commission.  The director devotes his/her entire time to the performance and supervision of the duties conferred on him by the commission and by law[i].

The Commission comprises of eight members including the governor as an ex officio member.  All appointed commissioners will have a general knowledge of wildlife and wildlife propagation, management, and control[ii].

Pursuant to Wyo. Stat. § 23-1-403, the Commission appoints a chief fiscal officer of the Commission in the manner provided by law.  Nevertheless, the director, with the consent of the Commission, appoints a chief game warden, a chief fish warden, and any necessary division chiefs as provided by law.  The chief game warden, chief fish warden, and division chiefs will be men of knowledge and experience in the fields administered by their respective divisions.  They will be the administrative head of their respective divisions, having administrative supervision of all activities and personnel of their respective divisions subject to the approval of the director, and will devote their entire time to the service of the state in discharge of their official duties as provided by law and as prescribed by the commission.  However, they are removable as provided by law[iii].

Wyoming Game and Fish Department

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